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Our Partners
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Virgin Australia

As one of the largest airlines in the Asia-Pacific region, Virgin Australia is in the enviable position of carrying more than 20,000,000 passengers per annum. Europe HOliday Rentals have the opportunity to engage with Virgin Australia guests through multiple touch points of the customer journey, including pre-flight, in-flight and on arrival via e-newsletter and in-flight magazines

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Australian Explorer

The Australian Explorer website ( receives tens of millions of page views every year, generating huge volumes of bookings for accommodation and other tourism based businesses across Australia. Europe Holiday Rentals receives a lot fo inquiries for villas & farm houses from them

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Back Packer Board

With 25,000 - 30,000 unique visitors a month from this blog, Europe Holiday Rentals receives excellent exposure, both nationally and internationally, and a high volume of traffic directed to our own website.

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Cheapoair in collaboration with Cheapoair displays a link to our website on their most visited page. Lot of Airline travellers can find our properties through the search option on their website. On a monthly basis, Europe-Holiday Rentals receive more than 89,000 inquiries from this website.

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Over 6 Million Professionals use every month. It is world's larget search engine for Fortune 500 companies. Europe-Holiday Rentals appears in the Top 5 companies here

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Deutsche Lufthansa

Lufthansa is a German airline and also the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of overall passengers carried and fleet size. We have collaborated with them to run an advertising campaign for all the passengers who have booked tickets with Lufthansa in the last three months.

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Furnished Property is the market leader in share accommodation and furnished apartments in Sydney. They have been providing furnished accommodation since 2002 and we pride ourselves on promoting the best variety of furnished rooms and properties for every taste and budget in Sydney's CBD and coastal locations via link exchange between both the websites

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One of the oldest e-travel websites for travellers to plan their holidays. Europe-Holiday Rentals' banner can be seen on the home page of their website which attracts a lot of visitors.

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Hotels Combined

Hotels combined is Europe's largest Hotel search engine with about 27,000 users from Portugal, Germany and Russia. All the hotels published on our website get the top positions in search resuts on this website. Hotel Owners on Europe-Holiday Rentals will get direct enquiries from here.

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Rome 2 Rio

Rome 2 Rio is a leading multimodal transportation search engine which is used by travellers to find public mediums of transportation. Europe-Holiday Rentals has partnered with this website to show our properties on the most visited page. We receive over 84000 inquiries for Bed & Breakfasts in Italy from this website

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Rough Guides

Rough Guides Ltd. Is a travel guide magazine which is distributed to 250,000 subscribers in Belgium,Russia and USA. We receive more than 129,000 inquires from this magazine every month. Travel enthusiasts can find information about properties on Europe-Holiday Rentals in this magazine and will contact you directly.

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Travel Europe

Europe's most famous air ticketing website which caters more than 150,000 visitors weekly for their flight booking needs. Travellers can also book a holiday home along with the flights from our website. We can also be seen on their website for traveller's attention

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Which Budget

Which Budget is the most used holiday homes search engine in Dublin & Manchester. A link to Europe-Holiday Rentals is displayed on their homepage and travellers can search your property directly.

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British Tours

Britain's longest-established private tour operator since 1958. Europe-Holiday Rentals receive a lot of inquiries from this website for apartments and villas in England and Scotland.

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Holiday IQ

Germany's oldest and most popular Holiday Planner with more than 85,000 holidays planned every month. Europe-Holiday Rentals receives a lot of travellers from this website for long term and luxury rentals.

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Leisure Link

Famous for Golf Holidays, Leisure link receives a lot of inquiries for Villas and luxury Rentals from Golf enthusiasts. Europe-Holiday rentals has partnered with them to offer luxury rentals to the travllers visitng Spain, Italy and Germany

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Travel + Leisure

With over 257,000 subscribers, its one of the most visited blogs by people travelling to Europe. Europe-Holiday Rentals occupies a very beautiful banner with the link to our website on the most visited section.

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Hello Travel

One of the most utilised website by Americans for planning their vacations. Euope-Holiday Rentals receives a lot of inquiries from travellers in USA from this website. We receive a large number of inquiries for vacations in Italy and Spain

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Andalucia Holiday Rentals

With over 2 million visitors, Andalucia Holiday Rentals Is Spain's leading holiday rental websites. Europe-Holiday Rentals has partnered with this website to attract travellers who are visitng Spain. A link to our properties is mentiond on their website to increase traffic.

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Barcelona Turisme

Barcelona Turisme Music, Theatre, Road Trips and Holiday Rentals..You can choose the best and pocket friendly options on this website. Europe-Holiday Rentals receives a lot of inquiries for 2 and 3 Bedroom apartments from this website monthly.