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About: Belgium

It would come as a surprise to travelers that Belgium is one of the most significant countries to explore, for understanding the history of Europe. Belgium was an important battleground in World War I and II. Tourists planning a trip to Belgium will marvel at its beautiful museums and architecture. The artistic feature is blended with the rich historical remains of the past. The cities of Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Brugers are filled with historical sites, art galleries and a happening nightlife.  To sum it all, enjoy the diverse beers of Belgium, enrich your senses with its prestigious heritage sites and hire a local transport to walk through the busy and rustic lanes of Belgium.

 Where to crash, relax and enjoy your vacation? – Belgium Holiday Rentals

There are those who go for a solo trip, trip with lovers/ friends or vacation with family. Therefore, the requirement for accommodation is also varied. For those looking out for an economical stay, can check-in at budget friendly apartment for rent in Belgium.  Decent-looking, budget friendly apartments are available near the airport of Brussels.

If your budget allows you to splurge, you may want to hire villas for rent.  The exorbitant villas with antique furniture, sea side view, good hospitality and privacy can give a wholesome experience to lovebirds or family out there to spend a luxurious vacation.

After a good-hectic day of exploring the cities of Belgium, you may want to check-in at a place that gives you the opportunity to live well. Beautiful countryside villa in a secluded place can charm you with romantic delights and rare indulgences. Vacation rentals in Belgium are easy to get, but advanced booking is recommended.

Belgium – Major Attractions and Indulgences!

The north and southern part of Belgium exist in great contrast with each other. In the northern part of Belgium, tourists will primarily see the Dutch speaking people in cities like Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. The southern part of Belgium is lined with beautiful caves, scenic valleys and old castles. The southern-region is predominately a French speaking region.  Explore the beautiful provinces of Walloon by going on a road trip to the villages and alleys of Hainaut, Luxembourg, Namur and Walloon Brabant.

The capital city of Brussels is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city which offers amazing vibe to tourists. The grandeur of Grand Place, the enigma of Gothic town hall will fascinate sight-seers to discover more about the places in Brussels.  Visit the Magritte museum, royal museum and comic museum to discover fine art forms in Brussels.

Antwerp is another fascinating city famous for fashion, diamonds and the Gothic cathedral. It is a good destination to shop and to visit and explore the wonderful historical museums.

Bruges has stunning views of Flemish art and architecture and beautiful canals.  It is good for discovering the medieval atmosphere of Europe, quiet, serene, untouched by anything artificial.

Belgium is famous for its cuisine and food lovers with greatly enjoy being here.  Tourists can find decent food anywhere in Belgium.  Some of the specialties that’s worth trying for are Mussels with French fries, Stoofvless, the traditional beef stew which is served with fries and light Waffles.

After visiting the popular tourist destinations, eating in fine outlets, what’s left for tourists is to explore the Belgium beer. Belgium is home to the tradition of beer drinking.  Beers in huge variety with different ingredients are one of its major tourist attractions. Drink Beer, live like a Belgian!

How to travel to Belgium?

The capital city of Brussels has the Brussels Airport which is the main airport of Belgium.  Other airports are available in Antwerp, Ostend and Liege.  Travelers in nearby European countries can travel by train from Paris, Luxembourg, Lyond, London and other countries in Europe.  Tourists can also hire taxis and reach Belgium via European highways.

When is the best time to visit Belgium?

Tourists can visit Belgium anytime during the year, as the European country normally follows a temperate climate throughout the year.  Best time to explore Belgium would be during the summers or when it’s moderately cold, that is during the months of October – December.