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Switzerland is famous for its mountains, the breath-taking views of the Alps.  Culturally, it is divided into three distinct cultures – The south-western part of the Swiss, is strongly influenced by the French culture, the northeastern part is the Swiss-German speaking Switzerland and in the southeast, it is the influenced by the lifestyle of Italy. Binding it together into a one nation is Switzerland – a nation of vibrant cultural diversity.

Switzerland Holiday Rentals

Cold and cozy place like Switzerland compels tourists to look for accommodations with lots of facilities. It is the hospitality that counts for tourists looking for renting apartments or villas for rent in Switzerland.  There are budget friendly accommodations available in common touristy areas. Tourists must decide whether they wish to crash in at a place or settle down in a place with self indulgent facilities. Normally, tourists on a vacation with friends, partner or family members, wish to be indulgent in their choice of accommodation. The beauty of staying in cold places is that you can get cozy inside your beautiful adorned room and have delicious Swiss food or hot coffee. Therefore, book a vacation rental of your choice and make an advance booking to avoid any delay upon reaching the destination. Geneva, Basel, Zurich are famous for exotic bungalows and host of other holiday rentals.

Spice up your trip by booking your vacation in a tempting, dreamlike place. The experience is worth your time and money.

Switzerland Attractions and Things to Do

  • Explore Geneva:  The third largest city of Switzerland, Geneva is famous for its mesmerizing views of Lake Geneva. Visit the museums, fountains and eat at the famous restaurants of the city.  It is definitely one of the places to visit if you plan to shop and enjoy the lively city life of Switzerland.
  • Hiking at Mt. Pilatus - If you haven’t gone for hiking in Pilatus, your Swiss experience is incomplete.  The majestic mountain offers lots of hiking opportunity to the trails as well as the beautiful view of the Swiss Alps. For mountain lovers, there is so much to do in the mountains. Needless to exaggerate, just head on to the mountains and enjoy the view.
  • Montreux, a romantic getaway:  Elegant old castles located near the lake, this place is a perfect destination to indulge in leisurely activities like reading, photography, explore the history of Monteux.  The castle is very old which dates back to the 11th century. Tourists can also enjoy spending time on the shores of Lake Geneva. Imagine sitting by the lakeside, near a castle in a quiet pensive mood. Tempting idea isn’t it?
  • The Rhine Falls:  Experience the sight of witnessing the largest waterfall in Europe. Located in the town of Schaffhausen, the Rhine Falls is a natural wonder.  There are beautiful medieval castles located near the falls. For nature lovers, it is a blissful experience.

How to travel to Switzerland?

Major airports are available in Geneva, Zurich and Basel. Budget friendly airlines are available from places like Germany.  Switzerland is good to travel by train. It is well-connected to other parts of Europe like Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and Prague.

When is the best time to travel to Switzerland?

During the months of September – October, the weather is pleasant and slightly cold to visit Switzerland.