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The United States of America is politically, economically and socially the most relevant places to discover. From a traveler’s viewpoint, The United States offers a plethora of places to travel, explore, learn and enjoy living.  There are sky soaring towers and buildings to ogle at, roam about in the streets of New York as a free bird, feel like a film star in the studios of Hollywood and if you get tired of it all - go for a spiritual exploration to the mountains of Alaska. USA is grand – There is something for everyone out here and language is certainly not a problem in this English speaking nation.

USA Holiday Rentals

United States comprises of 50 states, various territories and districts. Tourists looking for convenient vacation rentals in USA can decide their mode of accommodation – villas, apartments, holiday rentals.

There are opulent looking houses with top-notch facilities in various parts of USA. Tourists looking for an extravagant stay can rent private homes, villas and suites in major parts of USA – Brigantine House with a beach view, Atlantic City Town House home, Lake House are some of the suggested places to book for a luxurious stay with natural view of the beach or lake house.

There are simple apartments for rent in USA, condos available in major cities to book and enjoy facilities. Book your reservations in advance as tourists keep visiting the States and accommodations are generally occupied.

USA – Major travelling attractions

  • Disney Land, Orlando:  Who wouldn’t like to explore the wonders of childhood days? The Magic Kingdom is a paradise to re-create the world of childlike possibilities.  In the Magic Kingdom, you can meet Mickey Mouse and Cinderella roaming about like hippies. Take photographs and ride the swings, the fantasyland has it all to create a memory of the lifetime.
  • Times Square, New York City:  If you wish to explore the true flavor of America which is the capitalist market, consumerism, lots of attractive places to visit and cosmopolitan vibe. Time Square perfect epitomizes the essence of New York. Do not miss taking a good photograph here.
  • Gambling in Las Vegas:  If you want to experience the glamour of USA, visit Las Vegas. Gamble, enjoy the pretty sights and the company of beautiful ladies, to live a king size life. Las Vegas is a hedonist’s paradise.
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles: The world of tinsel-town attracts tourists in large number. Visit the studios where all the legendary films were shot. It is an exhilarating experience to see how films are shot in the studios.
  • Statue of Liberty, Manhattan:  Located in Manhattan, the colossal sculpture defines the philosophy of America – Liberty. Certainly so, USA is a liberal country with higher importance given to the freedom of expression and human rights. Until and unless, you explore the Liberty, the true essence of being in USA would be missing from tourist’s experience.

These are highly recommended places to visit in USA. Apart from that there are beaches of Miami and Florida to roam about; mountains of Alaska to travel and experience trekking, hiking and other mountaineering activities and travel through local transport system of America.  Enjoy fine American cuisine at wonderful outlets available in the streets of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

How to travel to the United States?

Various airlines from all the parts of the world carry passengers to USA. Some of the major airports are in New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C.  Various cities around USA offer transportation by trains, buses and cars.

When is the best time to visit USA?

The Spring/Fall season from May to September is the best time to travel to USA. Tourists generally visit the place in great numbers during the months of June to August.